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Astro AVL is a purveyer of bringing new life through renovation to classic and iconic Los Angeles establishments. From local crowd favorite watering holes to fitness chains, elite performance halls, corporate showrooms and stunning nightlife we have performed countless designs and implementations of state of the art equipment to bring the ultimate aesthetic experience to attendees of these premier venues. Each design is specially curated with sound, lighting and video systems to reflect the ever growing needs and potential applications of the establishment without sacrificing the embodiment of rich history and core intentions of the space.

Explore the possibilities of immersing your customers in a pallete of refreshing beautiful accentuation of natural architecture using wash lighting, envigorating pulsing energy from lasers and programmed lighting shows, crystal clear sound and warm bass from every corner, or a jaw dropping visual display that translates between corporate use and dancefloor entertainment themes. Replicate those transformative ideas across your locations with ease and security with a supportive team of experts dedicated to making your visions spring to life and open new doors.

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